How Do We Start To Become Technological?

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This is a loaded question and with many interesting responses.  I could tell you about how my personal experience has been as far as becoming technology savvy.  Or I could tell you about how the human race has evolved more in the past 30 years technologically speaking than the past 2 centuries combined. We are living in a technological era where it is virtually impossible to stay ahead of the technological curve, because every day we are finding new and effective ways to push that curve.

In my opinion one becomes “Technological” today by adapting to the electronic commodities of our current generation.  Currently those commodities range from a toaster, to a smartphone to even your television.  It seems everything is now networked together in some form or fashion and if these devices are not connected to the Internet than you probably own a model that is out of date. 

Your average person will contend with these every day devices, however we are so technologically advanced these days that we have scientists today that are capable of using planetary magnetism to send satellites across the vastness of space to distant planets. What makes this possible one might ask?  The human mind and our current technology that allows us to keep stretching the limits of everything we currently know and what we don’t yet know.

Bringing things back down to earth I started my path to becoming Technological from a very common foundation amongst young boys from the 70’s and 80’s.  A foundation that has evolved to be one of the biggest, most profitable, and technology advanced industries of our modern age.


Yes, I started my nerdy foundation playing video games when I was but 4 years old.  It started with an Atari 2600 and it progressed to different entertainment systems.  A Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NEOGEO, and eventually a Personal Computer.  The first computer my family owned was a Coleco Adam Personal Computer.  It didn’t have any of the bells and whistle Personal Computers have today and I remember I was intrigued not just by the basic video games it came with, but also by the programming book included.  I was amazed that by simply typing in some basic commands into the programming shell that I could draw a green triangle on the screen.  Little did I know at the time that this innocent intrigue would later shape my future career and passion.

Today I’m a Support Escalation Engineer for Microsoft. 

I spend my days working from home helping Microsoft Customers solve some of the most complex technological problems imaginable in today’s ever changing technological world. 

It is a mentally demanding job but my passion for helping others and my pursuit of knowledge makes it a rewarding experience.  Many times I’m asked by customers how I got into this business and I tell them the same thing “Video Games”.  If you think about it though, video games are one of the first publically introduced forms of technology made for family entertainment. 

All other early technological advancements were made usually by our government and only available to those in the military. We would see examples of these in movies from the 80’s like War Games.  Today though we have access to the infinite vastness of the Internet and Smartphones that are capable of connecting us by video chat with family and friends from around the globe in real time and at the click of a button.



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